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Join me as I offer encouragement and methods on how to manage your stuttering and live the life you want. I also interview other people who stutter, report on what’s happening in the stuttering community around the world, the latest on stuttering research and therapy, and I also take you behind the scenes in the creation of my Franky Banky comics.

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Use the voice memo app on your smartphone and record about 3 minutes (time constraints for people who stutter?!) on the topic of stuttering, or any questions you may have about the content on my podcast or book. Then email your recording to me and I will play it on the next episode of my podcast!

Golden Rule: Keep it clean as kids listen to my podcast and SLPs play episodes in therapy sessions. I also reserve the right to decide wether or not to play submitted audio.

My privacy policy: I do not sell your audio and email addresses to any third parties. I have no interest in doing that in the first place. Your emails are kept in my gmail inbox for my own personal reference with regards to my podcast only.