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Stuttering is beautiful

Episode #274: Ever wish there was a manual for stuttering? There is one now! Stuttering is Beautiful is a free online manual for young people who stutter created by people who stutter (PWS) from all over Europe, in particular Italy, Estonia, The Netherlands, Iceland, and Finland, and professionals working with PWS. The manual provides evidence-based information about stuttering and explores the many ways to manage it with a neutral point of view from speech therapy to acceptance and exploring stigma, self-advocacy, and the medical and social models of disability.

There is also a free Stuttering is Beautiful manual for people who work with youth who stutter, such as social workers, teachers, and parents (and adult educators, too!). This manual offers youth workers who want to learn more about working with and provide support to young people who stutter.

While there are already many handbooks on youth work, this may very well be the first time a handbook specifically covered the topic of stuttering.

On this episode, I cross time zones and continents (well, virtually) and chat with the creators of these manuals, a collaboration between stuttering associations across Europe.

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