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Sea Green at Niagara Falls

Episode #263: Listen to highlights from the Canadian Stuttering Association two-day conference – first time in person since the pandemic began! Join me as I hike through Niagara Gorge (and almost get lost), run into people as I check into my hotel room, meet some new friends at the Hard Rock Club, and join everyone for a group photo as the falls are lit up in sea foam green for International Stuttering Awareness Day – and we bewilder passersby!

I took this photo during my hike. This reminded me a lot of a famous painting by the Group of Seven.
Niagara Falls by day.
Niagara Falls lit up in stuttering awareness colours by night on October 23, 2022.
Poutine in a fancy glass
Franky Banky poking his head from behind the book table. Look, it’s Nina G beside him signing autographs!
I sculpted a Franky Banky out of Play Dough for the popsicle stick swing set during my workshop for children.
One of the children drew Franky Banky with drip painting!

We were also treated to a performance by fellow PWS, Francy Goudreault, of Hello Kelly during the Saturday night banquet. His song, “The Communication Breakdown” which is an excellent reflection on the stuttering experience.

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