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Stuttering is Cool – The Book

Author, Daniele Rossi, who stuttered since he was four years old, shares his stuttering survival tips, stories, experiences, humour, and original comics to guide you in turning your speech into a super power. Enjoy the freedom of saying what you want to say no matter how much you stutter!

Suitable for teenagers and adults. While this book is not a children’s book, readers as young as 10 have enjoyed it. The book is 5.5″ x 7.5″, 74 pages, black and white, glossy cover.

ISBN 978-0-9921632-0-4

“This fun, engaging, and informative book tells the story of Franky Banky, a cartoon character who happens to stutter. Through short texts and cartoon strips, Franky gradually evolves from a state of shame, embarrassment, and discomfort because of his stuttering, to a place where he dares to stutter openly, talks about stuttering, and even advertises that he is a person who stutters when meeting new people. This book offers many tools and things to try for people who stutter to help them cope with this, at times, challenging speech impediment. For non-stutterers, “Stuttering Is Cool” provides a faithful representation of stuttering that will hopefully help them get a better sense of what stuttering is and feels like. A great and fun read for anyone concerned or interested to know more about stuttering. Highly recommended. Enjoy!”
– Jean-Francois Leblanc
President, Association bégaiement communication

Buy this book and live happily ever after!

Well, it’s humanly impossible to be happy all the time but at the very least, my book will teach you the methods and give you encouragement to take small steps out of your comfort zone and face your fears of stuttering openly.

For instance, I immediately noticed two things when I started venturing out of my comfort zone, stuttered openly, and told people I stuttered:

  • People didn’t care as much as I did that I stuttered;
  • People started seeing me as a confident and interesting person.

It’s a great feeling to be able to stutter freely. No more scanning for words to switch, no more avoiding social situations, no more fearing funny looks — in fact, not even getting funny looks! I was saying what I wanted to say, order what I wanted to order in coffee shops and restaurants, and giving presentations with ease.

And meeting others who stutter made me feel less alone in my stuttering, I no longer felt like I was the only one in the world who stuttered, and I was hanging out with people who experienced the same experiences I had. They understood exactly what I have been going through.

With all this positivity, you may eventually find yourself feeling that, yeah, stuttering is cool.

As The King’s Speech screenwriter, David Seidler, once said, “If I’m stuck with stuttering, [bleep!] the rest of you, you’re stuck with listening to me”.

Oops, I meant this quote:

“If you can live through a childhood of stuttering, you can live through anything. And if you go into adulthood still stuttering, you can handle anything… You have been tempered by the fire.”

Believe it or not, stuttering is your super power.

This book will make you cry

Really! Reader, Genviève, sent me this review:

“I cried tears of joy when I finished reading your book. Finally, there was someone in the world who understood what I was going through.”

This book will help you find true love

A short while later, Genviève purchased another copy of my book to give to a friend. Who later ended up becoming her boyfriend! 

A professional translator, Genviève loved my book so much that she’s now translating it into her native French! Thanks once again to the Association des bègues du Canada for also loving my book and providing the funding for translation.

This book is perfect for reading in the bathroom

Really! Reader Evan, sent me this review:

“Your book is also perfect for reading on the toilet!”

Evan is referring to how short and concise my book is which makes it quick and easy for readers to learn all they need to know about being the boss of their stuttering.

Speech language pathologists love it, too!

“Daniele Rossi your book is epic. A class all its own! We all love it and already inspiring a 15yo to find himself and find his voice through your colorful cartoons, expressive page numbers and fabulous content! BRAVO.”
– Uri Schneider, M.A. CCC-SLP, USA

“This is a great book for speech clinicians and anyone who stutters. Daniele offers an honest and humour-filled account of the trials and triumphs of being a person who stutters. My order was completely hassle free, and was received in just a few days.”
– Casey Dumaresq, BEd, MSc, SLP, Canada

“A fantastic resource for people who stutter and their families.”
– Carl Herder, M.A., CCC-SLP
Clinic Director, American Institute for Stuttering

This book is teaching the next generation of SLPs

“A unique thing about Daniele’s story is his ability to combine something he loves (comics) with something he used to hate (his stutter). It is incredible how he has found a way to combine two polar opposite parts of his life into something beautiful and relatable and humorous for those who stutter.”
– Lindsay R., University of Kansas

My book has and is still currently being used as a textbook or required/suggested reading in 10 universities across North America giving future speech language pathologists (SLPs) the inside scoop on how it feels to live with a stutter:

  • Appalachian State University
  • Baylor University
  • Dalhousie University
  • East Tennessee State University
  • Iona College
  • Ole Miss
  • Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
  • University of Kansas
  • University of South Carolina
  • Salus University

More reader reviews!

“I just finished reading your book, and I wanted to say that you done something remarkable. The book is really good, and interesting. You should be really happy with and proud of yourself… Thanks again. It’s a great book. Can’t wait for the film version”
– Hanan, Israel

“This highly recommendable book is a book for people who stutter who think life sucks…. For those who have accepted their stutter and want a good laugh.”
– Anita Blom, European League of Stuttering Associations

“A humorous and light-hearted book with general information and personal observations, Stuttering is Cool is the perfect antidote to the emotional downturns that can leave so many people who stutter feeling disheartened.”
– Lisa Wilder, Canadian Stuttering Association

“I really enjoyed this book. I read several sections more than once and found myself nodding and saying “uh huh” as parts resonated with me.”
– Pam Mertz, Make Room For The Stuttering

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