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Drawn and heard

Episode #262: I chat with comic book artist, Jean-Sébastien Bérubé, about his experience with stuttering openly in the media after drawing two autobiographical comic books that mention his stuttering; Comment je ne suis pas devenu moine (How I Didn’t Become a Monk) and Vers la tempête (Towards The Storm), both published by Futuropolis. The result created a very powerful transformation and a boost of confidence for Jean-Sébastien. A topic I talk about a lot on my podcast.

What I like about these two books is they aren’t exclusively about stuttering, which is usually the case in across the entertainment world such as the movie, The King’s Speech. Being autobiographical, the protagonist in Jean-Sébastien’s books lives a life of ups and downs and with worries and drama like all of us – the protagonist just happens to speak with a stutter. A goal I have with my own Franky Banky comics.

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