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The Fluency Trap

Episode #271: Being told how to speak just won’t go away will it? I chat with Danra Kazenski, a speech-language pathologist… or is that speech therapist? Well, she helps clients who stutter to manage their stuttering and communicate the way they want to.

We start our conversation about narrative therapy and how Danra uses comics in her speech therapy practice then she interviews me about my stuttering journey and Franky Banky’s origin story. This inevitably leads us to the neverending fluency vs. acceptance debate that seems to have become really explosive lately along with the term “speech-language pathologist”.

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  1. Pam Pam

    Listening now! Paul Castellano actually started National Stuttering Awareness Week, in the USA.
    International Stuttering Awareness Day was started. by Michael Surgarman..
    Paul got President Reagan to declare NSAW. in 1988.

  2. Danny Danny

    Thanks for the correction. I always get the awareness events mixed up!

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