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Scatman’s World

Episode #273: Ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop! You know that song! And I’m sure it’s now playing in your head and no doubt putting a smile to your face.

On this episode, I chat with Gina Waggot, personal friend of Scatman John, also known as John Paul Larkin, who shot to fame in the mid-1990s with huge hits – and much welcomed earworms for me – such as Scatman, Everybody Jam!, and Scatman’s World.

Scatman also stuttered and talked about it in his debut single, Scatman. This touched fellow PWS, Gina Wag, who was in high school school at the time and dealing with her speech difference. One day, Gina gave contacting Scatman a try and to her surprise, the busy international superstar did! Gina is currently writing on Scatman’s official biography.

Listen as Gina shares a bit about Scatman’s life, the resurgence of interest in his music, and her friendship with this man who set out to create uplifting music for everyone.

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  1. Hi Daniele,

    Jeff here, the author of the German comic book. I just looked it up – you and me exchanged quite some back emails in 2019, when I just started my research on the topic! I even have YOUR book standing around here, because I gathered as much material about stuttering in comics as I could find. Great to see that you are still active for your cause! I am very excited about Gina’s book coming out this year.

    All the best from Germany,

  2. Danny Danny

    What? No way! Sheesh is my meory terrible. Great to hear from you!

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