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contactphotoHey, how’s it going! Stuttering is Cool is a podcast produced and hosted by me, Daniele Rossi. I stuttered since I was a kid and try never to let it hold me back. In fact, that’s the mission of my podcast— to encourage the same in my fellow stutterers.

I know how stuttering can make you feel like you’re the only one in the world who stutters. So in this Internet age where we can not only meet, but also see and hear other stutterers who share the same unique experiences that we do, we feel a little less alone!

I encourage you to participate in my podcast

Record an mp3 of yourself speaking and e-mail it to me. Talk about whatever you like! Your positive and negative experiences with stuttering, any tips you have, how your day went, what you day job is, your favourite colour, whatever you like. Send me your audio as often as you wish. You can even sing if you want to. You don’t even have to reveal you’re name. Then I’ll play your submitted audio on my podcast.

As of writing, there is no cure to stuttering

So why not have some fun with it? 🙂

By the way, the photo above was taken by my friend, EvaBlue. Check out her work! No, she does not stutter.

Latest Episode

Episode 215: Hello from the Canadian Stuttering Association 2017 conference! On this episode, I talk to conference speakers and organizers to find out how improv can help people who stutter, how to tell a joke despite your stuttering, and what it is like to organize a stuttering conference. Then I talk a bit about my experiences with Inktober and my future plans for Stuttering is Cool. [continue reading…]

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Previous Episodes

Organizing a stuttering conference

Episode #215: I talk to conference speakers and organizers to find out how improv can help people who stutter, how to tell a joke despite your stuttering, what it’s like to organize a stuttering conference and more!

Teachers who don’t understand stuttering

Episode 214: I take you with me on a trip to Montreal and Quebec City at the ABC conference as I ponder what do to when a teacher feels your stuttering will hinder your career or chance of graduation among other topics.

News from Norway

We hear from the recent Nordic Stuttering Seminar which took place in Norway earlier this month. I also chat a little bit about facing speaking fears and using humour when spreading stuttering awareness.

Secondaries, fluency strategies, and stress

Episode #212: Join me on another walk to the park as I respond to listener questions about secondaries and their affect on fluency, my own fluency strategies, and the stress in trying to speak fluently.

Stuttering conferences in Norway and India 2017

Episode #211: On this episode, me and my friends chat about upcoming stuttering conferences in Norway and India. I also talk a bit about upcoming stuttering conferences in Canada and what I missed at this year’s National Stuttering Association conference in the U.S.

Changing your stuttering perception

Episode #210: I chat with Andrew Castaneda who recently started a YouTube channel all about his stuttering journey, how at the age of 15 he decided no more speech therapy, and how changing his perception towards his speech helped him.