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contactphotoHey, how’s it going! Stuttering is Cool is a podcast produced and hosted by me, Daniele Rossi. I stuttered since I was a kid and try never to let it hold me back. In fact, that’s the mission of my podcast— to encourage the same in my fellow stutterers.

I know how stuttering can make you feel like you’re the only one in the world who stutters. So in this Internet age where we can not only meet, but also see and hear other stutterers who share the same unique experiences that we do, we feel a little less alone!

I encourage you to participate in my podcast

Record an mp3 of yourself speaking and e-mail it to me. Talk about whatever you like! Your positive and negative experiences with stuttering, any tips you have, how your day went, what you day job is, your favourite colour, whatever you like. Send me your audio as often as you wish. You can even sing if you want to. You don’t even have to reveal you’re name. Then I’ll play your submitted audio on my podcast.

As of writing, there is no cure to stuttering

So why not have some fun with it? 🙂

By the way, the photo above was taken by my friend, EvaBlue. Check out her work! No, she does not stutter.

Latest Episode

Episode #208: Becoming a mighty strong person who stutters! Join me on a hike in Presqu’Ile Provincial Park as I explain how I applied ascetic and stoic philosophy to stuttering. Overcoming adversity such as the type stuttering gives us transforms us into better and more awesome people! [continue reading…]

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Previous Episodes

Stuttering, asceticism, and stoicism

Episode #208: Join me on a nature hike as I explain how I applied ascetic and stoic philosophy to stuttering. Overcoming adversity such as the type stuttering transforms us into better and more awesome people!

How to stop stuttering when you’re nervous

Episode #207: While being nervous doesn’t cause stuttering, it does fuel it. So it’s no wonder that one of the top situations where people who stutter would definitely not prefer to stutter would be when they are nervous. Even when we aren’t nervous, people tend to think we are scared, or lying, or trying to hide something. So what do we do when those situations arise? Some homework.

Overcoming hurdles because we stutter

Episode #206: It isn’t easy living with a stutter! Chatting about how stuttering gives us extra challenges to overcome and how the world needs more awareness.

Stuttering in the New Year

Episode #205: Happy New Year! Join me and my friends as we ring out 2016 in Montreal, Canada, over Facebook Live while chatting about speech goals and stuttering tips. Then we take you along for our walk towards the waterfront to watch the fireworks as we ring in 2017.

Stuttering in signing, handwriting, and touch typing

Could stuttering be more than a speech issue? What about the rest of your body? Dr. Greg Snyder returns to chat about some pretty cool research his lab at Ole Miss is currently conducting on stuttering in sign language, handwriting, and even touch typing! We also talk about a remarkable app that shows promise in reducing stuttering through your smartphone.