The Stuttering is Cool Podcast

Stuttering getting you down? Join me as I offer encouragement and share tips from my own experiences and those of other people who stutter from around the world for managing, creating a positive attitude, and letting your stutter work to your benefit!

Fact: You can still be an effective communicator and stutter.

Fact: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent (a famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt)

Fact: So much of stuttering is the way that you think about it (said by my friend who stutters, Dr. Mitchell Trichon, CCC-SLP)

Fact: We all have the innate ability to reach down deep to overcome just about any challenge thrown our way (said by my friend and comedian who stutters, Jody Fuller).

Fact: Stuttering is neither good nor bad. It just is. (said by my friend who stutters, Dr. Gregory Snyder)

I also report on what’s happening in the worldwide stuttering community through “soundseeing” tours, the latest on stuttering research and therapy, and I will take you behind the scenes in the creation of my Franky Banky comics.

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Use the voice memo app on your smartphone and record about 3 minutes (time constraints for people who stutter?!) on the topic of stuttering, or any questions you may have about the content on my podcast or book. Then email your recording to me and I will play it on the next episode of my podcast!

Golden Rule: Keep it clean as kids listen to my podcast and SLPs play episodes in therapy sessions. I also reserve the right to decide wether or not to play submitted audio.

My privacy policy: I do not sell your audio and email addresses to any third parties. I have no interest in doing that in the first place. Your emails are kept in my gmail inbox for my own personal reference with regards to my podcast only.

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Latest Episodes

Using humour in speech therapy

Episode #231: Laughter is the best medicine. On this episode, I chat with Agathe Tupula Kabola, speech language pathologist and author who lives in Montréal, about her use of humour in therapy sessions. Agathe recently published her third book, Je...

Porky Pig: Role model for people who stutter

Episode #230: And a role model for stuttering awareness! Space Jam 2 will be coming out in theatres next summer and it’s time we see Porky Pig in a positive light (if Hollywood doesn’t screw up and use his stuttering for cheap laughs).

Iceland2019, Nordic Stuttering Seminars, and more!

Episode #229: Stuttering conference junkies! I chat with two good friends of mine about meeting each other at stuttering conferences in Europe and the USA. We also chat about what’s in store for the International Stuttering Association World Congress in Hveragerdi, Iceland in 2019.

When Oliver Speaks

Episode 228: When Oliver Speaks [Stuttering is Cool podcast]

When I Stutter documentary

Episode #227: I chat with John Gomez, filmmaker of the multi-award winning documentary, When I Stutter. We discuss the making of his film, worldwide reception, translations, and – SPOILER ALERT! – the unexpected surprises that blew my mind.

The only person who has to love me when I stutter is me

Episode #226: The full recording of Mary Wood’s very encouraging keynote and mini-concert by The East York Barbershoppers given at this year’s Canadian Stuttering Association annual conference which took place in Toronto on October 20, 2018. You won’t want to miss this!

Comic books about stuttering

Episode 225: The stuttering experience depicted in sequential art. Hear from the creators of two new comic books, Gareth Cowlin and Joe Stone, who drew and wrote Floor is Lava and Stutter respectively.

Each and every one of us can do something!

Episode #224: I chat with Annie Bradberry and Mitch Trichon about the keynote they gave at the recent One World Many Voices Joint World Congress in Hiroshima, Japan. We each have something we can do!

A walk in the park

Episode #223: Join me on a summer morning walk as I review the latest in stuttering current events.

Navigating stuttering

Episode #222: We don’t overcome stuttering. We navigate it. Those are the wise words spoken by Annie Bradberry who gave a very motivating and encouraging keynote speech at the 35th annual NSA conference in Chicago. You won’t want to miss this!

What is cluttering?

Episode #221: Learn about cluttering with me as I chat with Sister Carol Mary Nolan, Carmelite Sister for the Aged and Infirm and person who clutters, and Dr. Charley Adams, Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of South Carolina in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders and Coordinator of the International Cluttering Association.

Stuttering in the spotlight

Episode #220: Get on stage and stutter! On this episode, I speak with co-authors of the textbook, Shining a Light on Stuttering: How One Man Used Comedy to Turn His Impairment Into Applause.

Letters to your stutter

Episode #218: Have you ever written a letter to your stuttering? Or to the phone? Or the letters you stutter on? My guest, James Hayden did! And he wrote a book collecting all the letters he wrote about his stuttering.

Stuttering and sign language

Episode #217: We’re not the only ones who get “the look”! On this episode, learn all about Deaf culture, their similar experiences as ours, and what it’s like to be a sign language interpreter.

The tenth anniversary episode!

Episode #216: Happy Anniversary! Helping me celebrate 10 years of Stuttering is Cool, a few of my friends share their stories of how technological advances from the past 10 years changed the stuttering experience in our social lives, happiness, speech pathology, stuttering research, and more.

Organizing a stuttering conference

Episode #215: I talk to conference speakers and organizers to find out how improv can help people who stutter, how to tell a joke despite your stuttering, what it’s like to organize a stuttering conference and more!

Teachers who don’t understand stuttering

Episode 214: I take you with me on a trip to Montreal and Quebec City at the ABC conference as I ponder what do to when a teacher feels your stuttering will hinder your career or chance of graduation among other topics.

News from Norway

We hear from the recent Nordic Stuttering Seminar which took place in Norway earlier this month. I also chat a little bit about facing speaking fears and using humour when spreading stuttering awareness.

Secondaries, fluency strategies, and stress

Episode #212: Join me on another walk to the park as I respond to listener questions about secondaries and their affect on fluency, my own fluency strategies, and the stress in trying to speak fluently.

Stuttering conferences in Norway and India 2017

Episode #211: On this episode, me and my friends chat about upcoming stuttering conferences in Norway and India. I also talk a bit about upcoming stuttering conferences in Canada and what I missed at this year’s National Stuttering Association conference in the U.S.

Changing your stuttering perception

Episode #210: I chat with Andrew Castaneda who recently started a YouTube channel all about his stuttering journey, how at the age of 15 he decided no more speech therapy, and how changing his perception towards his speech helped him.