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Disability awareness with a punch(line)

Episode #253: “You’re going to have to wait for all my brilliant ideas!” That’s one of the many catch phrases of Nina G, a comedian who stutters and my returning guest on this episode.

Recorded live during the Canadian Stuttering Association virtual conference, I ask Nina G about her book, Stutterer Interrupted: The Making of a Stuttering Stand Up Comedian, growing up with stuttering, dyslexia, earning her PhD, the rich history of the disability rights movement and our part in continuing its progress, and – as it had only been an hour prior to going live that the world got the news that fellow stutterer Joe Biden had been declared president of the United States – Nina’s thoughts on having a president who stutters.

Nina G is Northern California’s only female stuttering stand-up comedian and part of the Comedians with Disabilities Act. She is also a disability activist, storyteller, children’s book author and educator. She uses humour to help people understand and confront issues such as disability, advocacy, and helping audiences move toward a more accessible society.

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