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Don’t beat yourself up if you have a stuttery day

Episode #193: You’re going to stutter. It’s part of the package. So don’t beat yourself up if you have a stuttery day. That’s the advice from Pamela Mertz, Stutter Social host, and producer of the Women Who Stutter podcast and blog. Pamela hid her stuttering for 30 years until one day she had enough. Once she start stuttering openly, telling people about it, and hanging out with others who stutter, Pamela found resilience she never knew she had. “You’ll lesson the load and anxiety but just being yourself and stuttering openly. And it makes you a more interesting person, more unique”. On this episode, I ask Pamela to share her tips on how to survive and grow resilient to stuttering.

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Focusing on the positive stuttering experiences

Episode #192: Everything will be alright. Really! I chat with Stutter Social host, Chad Mannisi, who shares his tips on living a full, rich life in spite of stuttering. Chad purposely chose to present about stuttering in school to raise awareness and answer questions students might have been afraid to ask; he keeps in mind that no one is truly judging him; he also noticed that when fluenters don’t seem to dwell too much when they stumble on their words so why should he.

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On this episode, I talk about how I am enjoying Eric Greitens’ book, Resilience, very much and share some of my experiences with dealing with hardships and becoming a better, stronger, and wiser person. I also talk about my latest new passion in reading up on the benefits of failure.

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