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You are so much more than your stutter

Episode #197: There’s a whole lot more to us than our stutter! This is the message, Anita Blom, former Stutter Social host, gives in this episode. Continuing my Stutter Social interview series, Anita shares her stuttering survival and resilience tips which includes, talking about your stutter, meeting other stutterers, not comparing yourself to others, and everything is a life lesson.

The poem mentioned on this episode:

Other people are always doing better
by Peter Curman

Other people live strong and proficient lives
Other people succeed in their marriage
Other people are always successful
Other people have strong contact with reality
Other people can always solve their problems
Other people are always doing better

Nobody has such problems as I have
Nobody is as useless as I am
Nobody messes up it’s life as I do
Nobody fails as often as I do
Nobody is as hopeless as I am

To me you’re one of the others
To you I’m one of the others
Let’s see into each others eyes

Links mentioned on this episode:

The Stutter Social Host Interview Series

More stuttering survival tips in the Stuttering is Cool book!

Photo of the inside of the Stuttering is Cool book

Available in print and digital.
Details at

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