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Don’t worry about never dating or getting married

Episode #166: This episode is for those of you who may be worried that no one will date or marry you because of your stuttering. I ask eight couples if stuttering was ever an issue. Their responses may surprise you.

In a nutshell, all the couples shared a number of experiences and advice in common: stuttering had never been an issue since it’s personality that made them fall in love; each couple worked together to support each other and understand the phenomenon; the non-stuttering spouse has issues of their own; and confidence played a big role. In other words, just like any marriage between two people who don’t stutter. So yeah, don’t worry about never being able to date or get married because in spite of your stuttering, you can still get out there and meet people!

On a slightly different note, here’s my latest infographic. All about the key ingredient in dating.


A short comic demonstrating how just being yourself leads you to true love. Don't worry about stuttering.

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