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When I Stutter documentary

Episode #227: I chat with John Gomez, filmmaker of the multi-award winning documentary, When I Stutter. We discuss the making of his film, worldwide reception, translations, and – SPOILER ALERT! – the unexpected surprises that blew my mind.

When I Stutter presents the raw emotions people who stutter feel and develop from growing up and dealing with their speech impediment and the negative reactions they receive from it. Gomez’s documentary spans over the course of 4.5 years shining a spotlight on the shared stories of 19 people about how stuttering has impacted their lives. These stories run the gamut of human emotion – dark, funny, and triumphant! “Educational vignettes” are also interspersed throughout the documentary to help illuminate some of the mysteries surrounding stuttering.

This episode is brought to you by my book, Stuttering is Cool: A Guide to Stuttering in a Fast-Talking World. Packed with tips, stories, encouragement and comics for fearless stuttering and joy.

WHEN I STUTTER (Official Trailer) from Keen EYE Productions on Vimeo.

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  1. Lilja Landefeld Lilja Landefeld

    Hello Daniele Can you maybe make a Episode where you Interview Dale Willams the one when you did the Episode where you talked with Jaik Campdell. I am sorry If my typing and grammar is off.

  2. Danny Danny

    I already did 🙂 It’s in that episode.

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