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The only person who has to love me when I stutter is me

Episode #226: “This is a journey about knowing who I am, it’s not about stuttering. The only person who has to love me when I stutter is me.” Those very wise words came from Mary Wood’s encouraging and uplifting keynote given at this year’s Canadian Stuttering Association annual conference which took place in Toronto on October 20, 2018. Mary shares her words of wisdom gained from her life long journey of stuttering along with a plethora of suggested books to read and a fun mini-concert by The East York Barbershoppers¬†who raise funds for Harmonize4Speech supporting various communication disorders such as stuttering. You won’t want to miss this!

On a side note, here’s a short video Mary and I made back in 2015:

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  1. Carol LB Ferrer Carol LB Ferrer

    I took this workshop this summer in Chicago, it was Awesome like Mary! It does help.

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