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Working on your inner stuff

Episode #164: I speak with Jeff Liboiron, host of the Be Combative and Nomadic Jeff podcasts, about his prosthetic leg never having been an issue with women. Just like our stuttering isn’t an issue. But there’s a catch: you must first work on your inside.

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Speaking slowly in a fast-paced world

Episode #163: Happy New Year! Sam, the unofficial co-host, joins me in the first moments of 2014 in discussing 2013 speech events, our speech goals for the new year and the challenges of speaking slowly in today’s hyper impatient world. Then I take you along with me on a very frigid walk a few days later as I talk about my book which is now available for purchase! I also encounter unique car trouble.

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Helen Keller, poetry, and my book!

Episode #162: My book has launched! But first, a quick chat about Helen Keller and what we can learn from her followed by a book launch by my friend, David Stones. He wrote a book of poetry called Infinite Sequels which he performed in front of large groups of friends and family. I chat with David to about stuttering and getting up on stage.

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Finding a job when you stutter

Episode #147: The job search episode! Finding employment is one of life’s big challenges and adding a stutter into the mix doesn’t make things any easier. Many people who stutter are concerned about not finding fulfilling work because of their speech impediment. In fact, some don’t bother to pursue their dreams believing they will never, ever be hired. In reality, employers don’t care about stuttering and even fluent people have a hard time finding work. On this episode, I share my job search tips for the 21st century stutterer.


Stuttering conference in India

Episode #124: The Indian Stammering Association will be hosting it’s first stuttering conference from December 28th to January 1st. What a great way to start of the new year! In this episode, I speak with co-organizer, Satyendra “Sachin” Srivastava, about the conference and the taboo of stuttering in India.