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Working on your inner stuff

Episode #164: I speak with Jeff Liboiron, host of the Be Combative and Nomadic Jeff podcasts, about his prosthetic leg never having been an issue with women. Just like our stuttering isn’t an issue. But there’s a catch: you must first work on your inside.
I really enjoyed this episode very much as we also talked about some of my other passions; strength training, music’s affect on mood, and the importance of having skills in self-defence. These three things together can really shoot anyone’s sense of self-worth and general well being to the stratosphere. After all, even if you got rid of your stuttering right now, would you really start strutting around like you own the place? Of course not, you’ve got decades of negative feedback towards your stuttering to heal all those emotional scars. And that doesn’t happen overnight.

Links mentioned in today’s episode:
Be Combative is Jeff’s podcast and ebooks about self-defence. Great advice here.

Nomadic Jeff is his 2nd podcast about, well, anything that comes to his mind. His second episode “Living as a leg amputee since birth” is what inspired this one.

Senshido is the name of the martial art Jeff that practices. By the looks of it. it’s a very useful skill to have. I hope to take it up some day soon. There’s a section in my book, Stuttering is Cool: A Guide to Stuttering in a Fast-Talking World, where I talk about feeling happier, super confident and capable after only a few months of strength training. It really does wonders for your inner self.

I can only imagine how much better, safer and more confident you would feel about yourself knowing that you can take care of yourself – or help save someone – in violent situations. Remember, there is more to life than wishing for perfect speech.

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