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Therapy smorgasbord

Episode #234: What a pity people can’t swap problems, when so many know how to solve others’. Also, disfluency isn’t a failure. You are not a failure. Failure is an event. In fact, there are no failures. Only life lessons. Stuttering is not something you caused.

These are the wise words from Anita Blom, my guest on this episode. Anita gave one of three keynotes at the International Stuttering Association World Congress held in HveragerĂ°i, Iceland in June 2019 which you will be able to listen to its entirety on this episode.

Entitled Ac(cep)t, Anita asks why we people who stutter (PWS) tend to feel the need to please others. Why do people think we need to speak the way they want us to or what they think is the best way? Or is it that we think what they want? Through her story of life lessons, Anita shares how she got free from the burden of needing others to accept her once she accepted herself and made it her mission to stop hiding and become a face for people who stutter and making the stuttering community seeable and hearable.

Anita also introduces what she calls the “therapy smorgasbord” which every PWS can use, gives advice on how PWS and clinicians can work together to benefit the PWS, how to take away “the look”, and lots more. You won’t want to miss this!

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