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Voluntary Stuttering

The comic. Description coming Fall 2019.

Voluntary stuttering. The concept of stuttering on purpose can seem like a strange idea. Why would anyone want to stutter on purpose?! Aside from gaining control of your speech body part, voluntary stuttering is also a great way to desensitize yourself from the fears of stuttering openly and being judged, laughed at, and rejected. Because in reality, no one will truly cares how we speak (at least the nice people in our lives).

The more you do something you fear, the less afraid you’ll be. I’ve told people countless of times that I stuttered, proceeded to stutter openly, and received only positive results. That’s why I decided to draw this comic. To share and spread word about this strange, yet effective concept.

Plus, I like the pee-pee-pizza joke. That one came from my friend, Greg Snyder, who helped me ensure I got the facts about voluntary stuttering straight. It can be a very tricky speech tool to use. Especially bouncing. So best to seek the assistance of a speech language pathologist of you’re interested in giving voluntary stuttering a try.

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