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Life Isn’t Perfect. Be the best person you can be.

Nobody is perfect. Everyone’s life journey is different. So be gentle on yourself when stuttering happens or when you miss out on an opportunity to advocate or educate. These are a few of the 5 stuttering survival tips Elaine Robin, part time Stutter Social host, gives on this episode. We also chat about the benefits of facing your fears, positive self-talk, and talking to others who stutter.

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Focusing on the positive stuttering experiences

Episode #192: Everything will be alright. Really! I chat with Stutter Social host, Chad Mannisi, who shares his tips on living a full, rich life in spite of stuttering. Chad purposely chose to present about stuttering in school to raise awareness and answer questions students might have been afraid to ask; he keeps in mind that no one is truly judging him; he also noticed that when fluenters don’t seem to dwell too much when they stumble on their words so why should he.

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Stuttering tips, part 1 – the phone, dating, jobs, small talk

You’re making a phone call and growing more anxious about stuttering with each ring. What do you do? Learn telephone survival tips and master other speaking situations in dating, job interviews, small talk, body language, and stuttering your name as Christine Dits, community manager of the Stutter Social app, shares her methods for dealing with stuttering and building resilience.


Keep calm and stutter on!

Episode #188: Happy New Year! Let’s start the new year off with the right mindset – dealing with stuttering head-on, avoid avoiding, and building up resilience to our speaking fears! On this episode, my fellow Stutter Social hosts join me in sharing stuttering survival tips to get your mental toughness started.

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