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When Oliver Speaks

Episode #228: The perfect book for children who stutter! On this episode, I chat with co-authors, Saadiq Wicks and his mother, Kimberly Garvin, about their charming and very encouraging book for children who stutter, When Oliver Speaks. We also chat about Saadiq’s founding of Llet Me Finish and the SAY summer camps, which Saadiq has been attending for 9 years and got the idea of creating the book.

When Oliver Speaks is a story about a middle school kid who stutters and is worried about giving a presentation to his class. He is often ridiculed by the other kids which causes him to avoid speaking situations. His teacher notices this and after a phone call with his mother, Oliver ends up having no choice but to disclose the secret he’s been hiding and, fortunately, gets his mother’s loving advice about fully embracing cha

This episode is brought to you by my book, Stuttering is Cool: A Guide to Stuttering in a Fast-Talking World. Packed with tips, stories, encouragement and comics for fearless stuttering and joy!

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