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We just happen to stammer

A new podcast about stuttering that has nothing to do with stuttering! A group of people gather around a table every month and chat nonsense. Some of those people stutter. It’s a very clever way to raise stuttering awareness while having a good laugh.

That podcast, Oh and on that note…, is produced in association with the Scottish Stammering Network providing a platform for people who stutter (or as they say in Scotland and other parts of the world, stammer) to have their voices heard and an opportunity for people who have had little exposure to stuttering to begin to hear what is being said, not how it’s being said.

On this episode, I chat with regulars, Tom Costelloe, John McIntosh, and Christina Parker about the formation of their podcast and in true Oh and on that note fashion, a lot of nonsense!

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  1. Stuttering awareness is just as important as speech therapy for stuttering. Negative reactions by peers, family members and class mates leads to anxiety, stress and self doubt within a stutter’s mind and they develop secondary stuttering behaviours as well. If we can raise more awareness we can change attitude of people around us about stuttering.

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