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Teachers who don’t understand stuttering

Group selfie of attendants at the ABC conference

Episode #214: Hello from La Belle Province! On this episode, I take you along with me to the ABC stuttering conference in Montreal. I chat with clinical professor, Vivian Sisskin, about avoidance therapy, inviting shame, and a little bit about the famous Joseph Sheehan who she studied under. I also chat with PhD student, Robert van de Vorst, of the Speech Motor Control Lab at McGill University, about his research into why people who stutter tend to be fluent when we sing.

Before that, you will hear the sounds of beautiful Quebec City as I give a brief summary of the ISAD Online Conference 2017 papers (check out my comic!) and how awesome it is that SLPs students are taking part. After the ABC, I ponder the big question of what do to when a teacher feels your stuttering will hinder your career or chance of graduation.

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