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My Beautiful Stutter

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Episode #236: I chat with director, Ryan Gielen, about his latest documentary, My Beautiful Stutter, which follows five young people from ages 8 to 18 who stutter and come from diverse backgrounds all around the United States as they participate in programs with The Stuttering Association for the Young (SAY). After attending a SAY gala and witnessing the empowerment of young people getting up on stage and declaring they will no longer hide their stuttering, Ryan decided to make a film to raise awareness of the struggles people who stutter face that are invisible to the rest of the world.

My Beautiful Stutter is scheduled for release later this year. Stay updated on news on Instagram and Facebook.

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  1. Thank you for talking about stuttering. My little guy stutters & I try to be aware & involve if anything related to stuttering.
    My son is twelve & although he he challenged everyday with his stuttering, he’s truly a confident kid.
    Discussions like these & being apart of SAY foundation equipped me with enough ammunition to instill in him the confidence to face anyone & everyone.
    Thank you for talking about stuttering.

    – Nerrie

  2. Danny Danny

    Thank you for your comment, Nerrie! I am so happy to hear that SAY helped you and your son. While I don’t have experience with SAY (I’m slightly older folk), it is no doubt they are doing great work!

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