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Changing your stuttering perception

Episode #210: Taking stuttering into your hands. On this episode I chat with Andrew Castaneda who recently started a YouTube channel all about his stuttering. Andrew shares his stuttering journey, how at the age of 15 he decided no more speech therapy, and how changing his perception towards his stuttering helped him.

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  1. Kacey Jo Roby Kacey Jo Roby

    You explained that you stopped speech therapy at age 15, yet your fluency made great gains. What was your most helpful fluency strategy you used and where/ who did you learn it from?

  2. Maddie P. Maddie P.

    I am a speech pathology graduate student and have been learning how to assess and treat children and adults who stutter. I like to listen to podcasts when I am on the road, and enjoyed listening to this podcast. During my studies, I have learned how important it is to address stuttering head on and change the perception of stuttering as well as knowing secondary behaviors. What are your thoughts on secondary behaviors and how do you think it affects your fluency?

  3. Daniele Daniele

    Thanks for your feedback and question, Maddie! I replied to your question on episode 212 🙂

  4. Daniele Daniele

    Thanks Kacey for your question. I replied to it on episode 212 🙂

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