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The Story Behind the Comic

I drew a Franky Banky comic strip to accompany a story I wrote for the Your Voice section of the STAMMA website, run by the British Stammering Association.

Entitled, “The Story Behind the Comic“, it is autobiographical and takes place during a fateful day back in my high school years where a pretty girl I had just met gave me a funny reaction to my stuttering. Unfortunately, I took it the hard way and a little over 20 years later, I put poor Franky Banky through the same ordeal. Fortunately, I also included an alternate, more positive ending to the comic strip. I hope I’m invited to the wedding.

You can also read details of that fateful day and how drawing the comic helped me forgive my younger self for taking things so hard. Not that it was my fault but it’s good to move on from past regrets.

Learn more about STAMMA at and listen to my interview with CEO, Jane Powell, on episode 237 of the Stuttering is Cool podcast.

Have your voice heard! Submit your story to the STAMMA website and help them spread much needed stuttering awareness.

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