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Is stuttering an umbrella pathology?

Episode #185: Looks like stuttering is a lot more complex than we think! And that makes researching the cause, treatment, and cure an astronomical challenge. On this episode, I chat with my friend, Dr. Greg Snyder, who is a professor and stuttering researcher at Ole Miss, about the complexity of stuttering and stuttering research. What if scientists looked at stuttering as an umbrella pathology instead of a singular one? Could this approach be the key to finally unraveling the mysteries of our speech?

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Breaking Our Silence

Episode #179: Breaking Our Silence is a documentary about stuttering that is currently being crowdfunded. Producer, Adam Norman, who stutters himself, is planning on travelling across Eastern Canada to “spread awareness, share experiences and bring to light the effects of bullying”. They want to interview stuttering groups, speech language pathologists, everyday people on the street, and even John Dunsworth of Trailer Park Boys fame.

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On this episode, I talk about how I am enjoying Eric Greitens’ book, Resilience, very much and share some of my experiences with dealing with hardships and becoming a better, stronger, and wiser person. I also talk about my latest new passion in reading up on the benefits of failure.

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