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Stuttering conference in India

Episode #124: The Indian Stammering Association will be hosting it’s first stuttering conference from December 28th to January 1st. What a great way to start of the new year! In this episode, I speak with co-organizer, Satyendra “Sachin” Srivastava, about the conference and the taboo of stuttering in India.

Links mentioned on this episode:
Indian Stammering Association website and blog

And now a message from Hiten Vyas!

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  1. sachin sachin

    Great! Thanks to stammering, I have friends all over the GLOBE! Wow!

  2. sachin sachin

    Just finisihed listening to whole interview.. You have done a GREAT job of INTERVIEWING a stutterer. Believe me!

  3. Pam Pam

    Great episode! Dr Sachin is so giving and caring. Like you, I believe this first ever Indian National Conference will be a great success, even if they have only 10 people there.
    I loved some of the things he said – about stutterers belonging to a “biological family” and that self-help and acceptance is often more beneficial than therapy.
    I wish them well – I know it will be the first of many.

    Great authentic episode with the phone ringing! 🙂

  4. Thanks Dr. Sachin and Daniele for this wonderful episode. Yes, i do think that the National Conference is scheduled at the right time of the year (keeping in mind that its the inauguration of an event of its kind for PWS in India) and as far as the responses are concerned, well, its only gonna grow from here, year after year. I’m sure that the awareness would grow every year coz people would definitely start noticing it. And as a consequence the number of people participating in the conference would only rise up every year. So it doesn’t matter even if we have lesser participation this year than expected coz what the heck its our very first conference.

  5. whao..!!greate news and event for PWS in india…..i recomended all the people who are sufering from this problem….they must attend this event…!!nd a very greate effort by TISA……wish u all the luck..!!

  6. Dear friend
    we are realy hapyy to know that Tisa is organizing national stammering conference at bhuvaneshwar india

    I am suffering a disease ( hoarseness) on doctors said to a surgery if i will cure from hoarseness i will join national conference

  7. Loved this interview Danny! And congratulations to Sachin and the gang for organising this conference, particularly in the face of the unique challenges faced by people who stammer in India.

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