Stuttering is Cool – The Book

A self-help book for people who stutter

About the Book

Stuttering can feel awkward for the speaker, and people who stutter often feel that it is easier just to keep quiet and avoid social situations altogether, becoming more covert with their stuttering. As a person who has stuttered since the age of three, cartoonist and podcaster Daniele Rossi shares his own experiences and methods for breaking out of the covert shell and becoming a person who stutters openly and confidently in all speaking situations, including giving presentations, dating, job interviews, and even dealing with those pesky, smirking waiters. All of these situations and more are beautifully illustrated in this quirky, fun, and informative book, an unparalleled resource for people who stutter of all ages! Great for ages 10 and up. Fun fact: Stuttering is Cool is a required textbook for the Fluency disorders graduate class at Appalachian State University.

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Daniele Rossi is a digital strategist from Toronto, Canada. Daniele enjoys helping others grow comfortable with their speech through his podcast, Stuttering is Cool, website, and Stutter Social, the online global community he co-founded using group video chats. Daniele enjoys listening to musicastronomy, cats (particularly of the LOL variety), and repeatedly lifting things up and putting them back down again in a gymnasium. Daniele blocks on Ls, Ms and Ns, and stutters on vowels like Es and As.
“I have started reading your book. LOVE IT!”
Kim, Canada

“Hey there. I just finished reading your book, and I wanted to say that you done something remarkable. The book is really good, and interesting. You should be really happy with and proud of yourself… Thanks again. It’s a great book. Can’t wait for the film version”
Hanan, Israel

“Daniele Rossi your book is epic. A class all its own! We all love it and already inspiring a 15yo to find himself and find his voice through your colorful cartoons, expressive page numbers and fabulous content! BRAVO. Well worth the wait. Wonderful fruit of you long labor!”
Uri, USA

“A humorous and light-hearted book with general information and personal observations, Stuttering is Cool is the perfect antidote to the emotional downturns that can leave so many people who stutter feeling disheartened. Daniele Rossi provides helpful advice along with a few smiles and laughs for people who stutter as they navigate an aggressive, fast-paced world.”
Lisa, Canadian Stuttering Association.
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“After reading this handy pocket book, the first describing words coming to my mind are: positive, uplifting, personal, funny, straight forward. And did I say positive?… This highly recommendable book is a book for people who stutter who think life sucks. For those who want to learn more about stuttering. For those who have accepted their stutter and want a good laugh… I shed tears of laughter and emotions. And the more I read, the more I enjoyed it.”
Anita, The European League of Stuttering Associations
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“I really enjoyed this book. I read several sections more than once and found myself nodding and saying “uh huh” as parts resonated with me.”
Pam Mertz, Make Room For The Stuttering blog
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“There’s lots of hard-won advice in the book and I hope it gets widely read.”
Andrew, Canada


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