Bulk Rate for SLPs

My book, Stuttering is Cool, is available for bulk orders along with a special rate for speech language pathologists. Stuttering is Cool has proven to be an effective tool in numerous areas including:

  • Speech Therapy
  • The Classroom (for students)
  • The Classroom (for SLPs learning about stuttering)

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Daniele Rossi your book is epic. A class all its own! We all love it and already inspiring a 15yo to find himself and find his voice through your colorful cartoons, expressive page numbers and fabulous content! BRAVO. Well worth the wait. Wonderful fruit of you long labor!


Uri Schneider, M.A. CCC-SLP

SLP-Relevant Podcast Episodes

Laughter’s Voice

Episode #165: Laughter’s Voice is a summer camp in Ontario, Canada, for children who stutter. It will open it’s first year this July. On this episode, I chat with founders, Andrea Skinner and her son, Felix.

Stuttering panel for National Stuttering Awareness Week

Episode #154: A Stutter Social broadcast for National Stuttering Awareness Week! We hosted an international panel of people who stutter to talk about what it feels like to stutter, current research, and smash myths. We also had one person who doesn’t stutter who asked us really good questions. And boy did we get deeply philosophical at times.

Keeping morale high during job search

Episode #148: It’s a tough job market out there these days. Keeping enthusiastic and positive is part of the challenge. On this episode, I chat with a few buddies on how they kept their morale high during job search. I also share how one of my most favourite pastimes tremendously helped me.

Finding a job when you stutter

Episode #147: The job search episode! Finding employment is one of life’s big challenges and adding a stutter into the mix doesn’t make things any easier. Many people who stutter are concerned about not finding fulfilling work because of their speech impediment. In fact, some don’t bother to pursue their dreams believing they will never, ever be hired. In reality, employers don’t care about stuttering and even fluent people have a hard time finding work. On this episode, I share my job search tips for the 21st century stutterer.

The sheer awesome benefits of stuttering support groups

Episode #132: Support groups are cool and awesome! Especially when you add them to your speech therapy. Even if you’re not in speech therapy, getting to know your fellow stutterers has many, many benefits. I explore these benefits on this episode, and of course, being a digital media nut, I’m also talking about online chat groups and The King’s Speech play currently playing in London.

Speech therapy in the social media age

Episode #108 is all about speech pathology. In part one of this episode, we look at social media’s awesome benefits in speech therapy while in part two, we look at speech pathology as an educational path.