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Stammering Pride and Prejudice

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Episode #242: Difference not defect. All about the book that challenges the stereotype that stuttering is bad instead of a way of speaking that is different, valuable, and respected.

Stammering Pride and Prejudice: Difference not Defect features a variety of voices and opinions on stuttering from a social model perspective through 22 essays written for people who stutter, the general public, and professionals.

Following up from episode 241 where I chat with one of the book’s authors about the impact of shame on children who stutter, I chat with editors Patrick Campbell, Christopher Constantino, and Sam Simpson on the mission of the book, their respective articles, the paradox of speech therapy, stigma, the benefits of sharing your vulnerability while stuttering, and more.

You can purchase your copy of the book at J&R Press and Stuttering Therapy Resources.

The book also has a Facebook page!

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