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Getting to know TISA

A group of smiling people standing side by side in a field about to start an activity.

Episode #249: Stammer but with love. That is the motto of The Indian Stammering Association, or TISA for short. TISA’s Bhupendra Singh Rathore and Dhruv Gupta had interviewed me in a video entitled, The Story Behind the Comic, to talk about my stuttering journey and Franky Banky comics. They kindly gave me permission to include the audio from our chat for this episode.

But first, it’s my turn to interview Bhupendra and Dhruv! Get to know the people behind the interview, their involvement in TISA, the story behind their motto, and the really creative activities TISA has been doing over the years (my favourite being The People Who Buffer show).

Links mentioned on today’s episode:

Group photo of 29 people holding their hands up with glee

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  1. Thank you Daniele! I too had the HONOUR of being interviewed by you many moons ago! Bhupendra and Dhruv are very valuable volunteers and FAMILY.. Your cartoons have always made us look at stammering from the funny angle. At times, life itself seems like a big cartoon!

  2. Danny Danny

    Thanks Satyendra! Yes, life is a cartoon sometimes 🙂

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