Episode #147: The job search episode! Finding employment is one of life’s big challenges and adding a stutter into the mix doesn’t make things any easier. Many people who stutter are concerned about not finding fulfilling work because of their speech impediment. In fact, some don’t bother to pursue their dreams believing they will never, ever be hired. In reality, employers don’t care about stuttering and even fluent people have a hard time finding work. On this episode, I share my job search tips for the 21st century stutterer.

It may not be easy to accept your stuttering and you may be tempted to hide your stuttering but that’s your business and I can’t tell you what to do. But if you do give acceptance a try, then read (and listen) on.

Among the plethora of tips that I share, I think the the most important one is to accept your stuttering and the social punishment that comes along with it. Nothing in life comes easy. Especially a job. So work on showing confidence and focus on the fact that any employer who won’t hire you based upon your speech can’t be a good employer to work with. Imagine how bad that employer must be if he or she can’t see past your speech. That is one employer who doesn’t see the value in his or her employees’ skills, experience and strengths.

Music used on today’s episode:
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