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The Masked Stutterer

A comic strip of 5 panels. Franky Banky, a cartoon fox, is wearing a mask in the first, second and third panels. In the fourth panel a voice is asking him "Well, how would you like to pay?". It is revealed in the fifth and final panel that Franky Banky is at the cashier in a grocery store. He stutters to the cashier who is also wearing a mask, "Give me some time. I was blocking".

The infamous covid-19 pandemic is underway as I type this and many of my friends who stutter have shared their experiences with stuttering while wearing a mask. For me, I noticed that sometimes it’s hard to tell that I’m even talking! So I decided to exaggerate my secondaries as a sign that I’m communicating. Then I mention that I stutter (side note: I always disclose my stuttering with a smile, however, people can’t tell that I’m smiling when I wear a mask!).

More stories of people who stutter and masks is available on the Stamily website where this comic is also featured on a post about stuttering when wearing a mask. Looks like I’m not the only one who experienced what Franky Banky did in the comic.

This comic was originally created in French for inclusion in the June 2020 issue of the Association B├ęgaiement Communication newsletter.

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  1. Tom Wittebrood Tom Wittebrood

    Thank you Daniele, great comic!

  2. Danny Danny

    Thanks Tom! I always enjoy drawing comics based on my real life experiences.

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