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Don’t worry about never dating or getting married

Episode #166: This episode is for those of you who may be worried that no one will date or marry you because of your stuttering. I ask eight couples if stuttering was ever an issue. Their responses may surprise you.

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Interview with an astronomer and engineer at NASA and MIT

Episode #159: In part 1 of this episode, I speak with an astronomer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory about stuttering, exoplanets and, well, astronomy! I can’t help it, astronomy is one of my favourite topics. So it’s also inevitable that I ask the question about aliens and stuttering. In part 2, I speak with an optical engineer the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also famously known as “MIT”, who works on lenses for space telescopes!

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NSA conference 2013: not about stuttering, it’s about life

Episode #157: I don’t know who it was, but someone at this year’s National Stuttering Association conference said that it’s not really about stuttering, it’s about life. And I totally agree. On this episode, well, it’s all about the 2013 National Stuttering Association conference which took place in Scottsdale, Arizona!

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Lights! Cameras! Improv!

Episode #153: Filmmakers, improv actors and introspection are the three topics of this episode. I speak with the filmmaker of the brilliant Growing Pains short film; I introduce a new Stutter Social host and chat about the benefits of introspection; and finally, I chat with an improv actor about well, stuttering on stage!

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Introducing yourself to strangers and stuttering openly

Episode #152: The roving reporters take over! Samuel Dunsiger shares his story about recently appearing on television for the first time— and stuttering openly. We then hear from Christine Dits, the new addition to the roving reporter roster, who shares her experiences and tips when introducing herself to strangers— complete with stuttering on her name.

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Social anxiety and medication

Episode #149: Think popping an anti-anxiety pill will make your stuttering go away making everything easy peasy? Think again. On this episode, I chat with a person who stutters diagnosed with social anxiety. He explains all the inner work that necessary to move along.

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Keeping morale high during job search

Episode #148: It’s a tough job market out there these days. Keeping enthusiastic and positive is part of the challenge. On this episode, I chat with a few buddies on how they kept their morale high during job search. I also share how one of my most favourite pastimes tremendously helped me. 


Just say no to negativity and especially suicide

Episode #146: Thinking of committing suicide to escape your stuttering? Don’t do it. It’s just not worth it. As my friend, Jody Fuller, once said, “We all have the innate ability to reach down deep to overcome just about any challenge thrown our way”. I also chat about a few other challenges I’m trying to overcome as well as playing quite a bit of feedback from listeners


Inaugural walk for stuttering awareness

Episode #142: “A million things I need to say”. Reporting from the first ever 1k/5k walk for stuttering awareness, I bring you on a musical experience as I interview the performers, speakers, organizers and participants of this historic event.

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