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Trip to Niagara Falls

Episode #141: Join me on my trip to Niagara Falls! But first, a nearby hike in the Niagara Glen Nature Reserve as I talk about stuttering when you’re alone, a new stuttering podcast, an upcoming fundraising event for stuttering awareness and… helicopters.

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Kicking social anxiety in the butt

Episode #135: I head to Ottawa for the final PAB Conference and give you a soundseeing tour of my new favourite Canadian city. I also share with you my stuttering retrospective as a good chunk of my acceptance journey took place at PAB over the years. But first, a visit with a few fellow stutterers at The Ottawa Association of People Who Stutter.


Changing perceptions of stuttering

Episode #129: I chat with Evan Sherman, SLP, Stutter Social host and the man behind the @iStutterSoWhat Twitter account correcting people’s rude tweets about Stuttering. I also share with you my new perspective on Porky Pig and why we shouldn’t think of him solely as an example of the media making fun of stuttering.

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