I already chose a character for the quack. “Idiot” is a character I created years ago when I worked at a design firm. Fast forward to today, he is the perfect character to represent the junk science about stuttering.


Here’s what I came up with for my Anti-Quack character who, as you’ve most likely guessed, is the scientist who actually does research and keeps up to date on stuttering knowledge, etc. Inspired by (and slight caricature) you-know-who and his podcast 😉

I still need to refine him. Perhaps thicker pencil strokes will do the trick.


A previous version of anti-quack:

early version of anti-quack

Here’s a sneak preview of an upcoming character I’ll be introducing (once I get off my arse, that is!) in a very near future comic. This stutterer will be totally cool with his stuttering and will play a role in bringing Franky Banky to accepting his stutter as well. At the moment, his name is Chess until I can find a better name (if any). The final Chess is at the bottom.