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What would you do?

Episode #133: You’re standing in line to order coffee and you’ve got an impatient and irate customer behind you making a fuss. A bunch of my friends ponder funny vengeance.

I also play three clips of audio feedback from listeners asking listeners to chime in on the topics of seeing stuttering as a challenge not a problem, tips for controlling your stuttering and maintaining eye contact and stuttering with facial and body language. What would you do?

Music used on this episode:
I Like Popcorn by Mastentz

Links mentioned in this episode:
Ali Salem’s website, Almost A Whisper

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  1. Pam Pam

    Good stuff! Funny and spontaneous.
    My question: did everyone know before hand that you recorded this Google hangout?
    Or did you record and realize how good it was, and then ask everybody if it was OK to post it?
    Sounds like everyone was having way too much fun plotting their revenge on the poor uneducated person in line! 🙂

  2. Danny Danny

    I always ask permission before I record.

  3. Ali Ali

    Hi Danny,

    Thank you for the great post, for including my voicemail, and a link to my website.

    Concerning the Stammering/Stuttering confusion, I believe you are absolutely right. I researched it and it seems that the only difference is geography-based. Both terms point to the same definitions.

    Thank you for the note, take care, and keep it up.


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