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We will get through this together

A cartoon fox washing his hands and singing a song
The song Franky Banky sings as he washes his hands for 20 seconds.

Episode #244: Keep your distance. Wash Your Hands. Don’t touch your face. And keep in touch over the Internet. We’re in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic with many countries in lockdown and people staying inside in doing their part for preventing the spread of the virus that has circled the globe like wildfire and caused over 118,000 deaths. Anxiety and uncertainty is everywhere along with isolation from our friends and family as we stay indoors in order to flatten the curve and save lives.

I asked a few of my friends to join me on this episode to help ease the sense of isolation for ourselves and you! Hear how the pandemic has affected us, our speech, and some unexpected blessings that arose.

You will hear from John Gomez, creator of the multi-award winning When I Stutter documentary, Geneviève Lamoureux, translator of my book in French, Myriam Fauteux, co-vice-president of the Association Bégaiement Communication (ABC), David Alpuche, photographer and winner of the 2017 National Stuttering Association (NSA) chapter leader of the year, and Kevin Chambers, winner of the 2018 NSA chapter leader of the year and current Regional Chapter Coordinator for the Eastern United States.

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