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The sheer awesome benefits of stuttering support groups

Episode #132: Support groups are cool and awesome! Especially when you add them to your speech therapy. Even if you’re not in speech therapy, getting to know your fellow stutterers has many, many benefits. I explore these benefits on this episode, and of course, being a digital media nut, I’m also talking about online chat groups and The King’s Speech play currently playing in London.

I speak with Krishna Srinivasan, Stutter Social‘s Eastern hemisphere host, regular participants, Kishore Bisht and Dustin Linkins, and and my Stutter Social teammate, Mitchell Trichon.

Music used on this episode:
Beethoven’s Concerto No. 5, in E-flat Major, Op. 73 (“Emperor”) by London Philharmonic Orchestra

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  1. alia alia

    people who stutter are brave and yes cool,my son stutters and i love him for his confidence and courage he is very bold with his speech and loves to talk and usually gets into a detailed conversation hes amazing

  2. Brittney Brittney

    Thank you so much for creating this blog! I have stuttered for 15 years and I’ve never heard anyone else stutter. It’s amazing that there are people out there like me.

  3. Danny Danny

    Thanks Brittney! It’s quite powerful to hear (and meet) other people who stutter. You certainly do not feel alone. Which is the basis of my podcast. We all hear each other! Feel free to send some audio feedback to share your stuttering with others and I will play it on my next episode 🙂

  4. Hanan Hurwitz Hanan Hurwitz

    Recently I downloaded the episode onto my cool new Samsung phone, and today I played it while driving to work. It was inspirational, and helped me get to work in a much calmer, more confident, frame of mind. Thanks, Danny, for all you do.

  5. Danny Danny

    I’m so happy the episode had a role in making your work day better, Hanan!

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