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The first conference for African-Americans who stutter

On April 27-28, New York will host the first stuttering conference for African-Americans. I speak with Eloise Tyler, creator organizer of this event and learn a bit about the stuttering experience for this demographic.

But first, my friend Sam Dunsiger, director of communications for Stutter Social, takes over the show while I’m driving (and averting collisions). Sam shares his recent experiences with ordering coffee at Starbucks.

I also play audio feedback from beautiful Quebec City which prompts me to talk about the ISA’s Bill of Rights and Responsibilities of People Who Stutter.

It’s a jam packed episode with Creative Commons music by Texasradiofish.

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  1. You can take the boy out of Italy but you can’t take the Italian out of the boy—especially when he is driving and people are cutting him off!

  2. Kenny Butler Kenny Butler

    Do you have any video to accompany your podcasts, Danny?

  3. Pam Pam

    Finally listened! First, it was great to hear from Sam. I have never heard him speak, as each time I have joined a stuttersocial google hangout, Sam has had audio problems. 🙂 So I enjoyed hearing him finally and hearing his story.

    I have heard of the ISA Bill of Rights before.

    As far as Ms Tyler’s endeavor for the first ever conference for African-American people who stutter, I wonder about the need. I met her in 2010 in Cleveland in 2010 and told her about the work I was doing with my podcast that focuses on women who stutter, which was her original goal. She wasn’t interested in what I was doing – only wanted to focus on black women who stutter. I have had several women who stutter who also happen to be black as guests on my podcast, and not one EVER mentioned racism being a particular issue for African Americans who stutter.

    I think quality of life is a concern for all people who stutter, especially women, because we are a minority within a minority. But I don’t think racism applies for just African Americans who stutter. I think people of ALL colors suffer quality of life issues.

    I applaud Ms Tyler for her efforts – but I don’t think the stuttering community should be any further divided by creating an “African American only” conference.

    We have people of all colors who suffer in silence with the shame and stigma of stuttering.

    I will be really curious as to her outcomes with this conference. I looked at the website. Not much there considering the conference is in NYC in only about 6 or 7 weeks.

  4. Danny Danny

    While I agree with you that conferences should be inclusive, I feel that ethnic groups each have their own unique experiences of which others may not be aware. Thus, interacting with other stutterers in your own ethnic/gender group can offer the benefit of, well, interacting with others who share the same unique experiences as you do. I know I am itching to make friends with Italians who stutter. Not that I want to keep things separate but it would fulfill another void in my life.

  5. Danny Danny

    Kenny: I would love to create video content for Stuttering is Cool. Alas, it’s just too much work. I haven been thinking of short films to produce though.

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