On today’s show, I share a recent epiphany-like event at a Korean grill restaurant. Yes, epiphanies can occur anywhere 😉 Namely, stuttering with confidence. Stuttering without recoiling from social punishment despite the weird looks we get. Then the following night, I had a mind-blowing conversation about this with fellow stutterers on Twitter. Together, we shared how rewarding it is to stutter with confidence. I share some of the tweets from that conversation below:
  • I guess you could say I use my stuttering to my advantage; a social filter. I’ve got no time for snobbish standards.
  • My advice: I don’t MAKE the time 4 standards. Don’t like my stuttering? Plenty of other people on the planet to make friends. Kthanxbai.
  • Also, it’s the confidence that attracts people. That and shared interests, connections.
  • Stutter & react like a wimp, then you’ll be seen as one. Stutter & react with confidence, people see you in a positive light.
  • You’ll get there. For me, it was getting positive feedback and rising above the negative. It ain’t easy. You’ll get knocked down
  • THAT’S IT! Having control. Not of your speech but of your rejection of societal norms.
  • THAT’S the root of getting confidence. Being in control & rejecting societal expectations.
  • Exactly. You know your self-worth. Exude it. Man, they should teach this in speech therapy.
  • @stirpicus To quote Demetri Martin: “Stuttering’s not a disability, it just adds drama and suspense to any conversation!” 😉

I also talk about a new website I started up called Ti-Ger.org. I hope you can join in on the fun 🙂