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Stuttering Q and A

Epsiode #77


I’m the one who gets interviewed on this episode! Remember way back in episode… um… well, about this time last year when I had Greg Snyder on my show? He’s a University professor who once in a while asks stutterers to come in to his class for a Q&A session. It’s a great chance to give future speech therapists the inside story on what if feels like to stutter and all the goodness and crappity crap that comes with it. I connected with Greg’s class over Skype and here it is in all it’s mp3 glory.

Before all this, we hear from a new listener!

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  1. lisa webster lisa webster

    Great episode Danni,I’ve agreed to do this ,but getting a bit worried now …will be good to give future SLP’s a realistic idea as to what actually goes through our minds from morning til night …hope i do ok lol

  2. Just discovered your podcast. Good stuff! Have you guys discussed Pagoclone or other medical treatment of stuttering? I have been participating in the Pagoclone trial for almost a year now. I blog about it here:

    Check it out and let me know what you think. I’ll be listening. Thanks, J

  3. Pam Pam

    Excellent job as always Danni. Can’t wait until the London peeps ep is posted.

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