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Stuttering panel for National Stuttering Awareness Week

Episode #154: A Stutter Social broadcast for National Stuttering Awareness Week! We hosted an international panel of people who stutter to talk about what it feels like to stutter, current research, and smash myths. We also had one person who doesn’t stutter who asked us really good questions.  And boy did we get deeply philosophical at times.

Stuttering is an often misunderstood phenomenon. National Stuttering Awareness Week aims to help shed some light on the communication disorder and smash myths.

Me and my Stutter Social team wanted to do something special for this year’s National Stuttering Awareness Week so we decided to do a broadcast on YouTube to share what we want the world to know about stuttering. This episode is the audio from that broadcast.

We start off the panel by answering the question, “what is stuttering?” from a personal, international and academic perspective. Debbie Horovitch, our person who doesn’t stutter, shared a story from her teenage years when she had a doctor who stuttered.

We move onto the topic of what it feels like to stutter with quite poignant replies. And which is the hardest part of stuttering – before, during or after? What goes through your mind as you’re stuck on a word?

We have a deep conversation about eye contact and the intimacy of stuttering formed by the sudden silence during a block. It can be awkward and can make us feel vulnerable. Perhaps eye contact is lost by the listener so that we can have some privacy during our vulnerable moment.

And mixed in all of this is Stutter Social‘s message of the benefits of living your life confidently and fully embracing your stuttering!

Members of our panel were David Resnick, Dr. Mitchell Trichon, Samuel Dunsiger, Pam Mertz, Dustin Linkins and Vishal Gupta. I accidentally closed my browser and couldn’t get back in.

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