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Stuttering misconceptions and triumphs

Episode #107 is about stuttering misconceptions, stereotypes, calling out those who work in the service industry who should know better, rising above the embarrassing moments and acing your next job interview.

Links mentioned:
Speak Out — Stuttering Support Group, Stratford, Ontario
2011 Canadian Stuttering Association Conference

Music used on today’s episode:
Deep Performance by Gradient
Disco High by UltraCat
Disco Lounge by Kevin MacLeod
Pinball Spring by Video Classica

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  1. Pam Pam

    I had an incident two weeks ago where it seemed to me that a young waitress laughed at my stuttering. I was embarrassed, but chose to let it go, because I was more embarrassed by making my mother, who was with me, embarrassed. I blogged about how that made me feel, and turnes out she read, and felt hurt. Now I feel I may have made our strained relationship even worse.
    Stuttering is complex, on so many levels!

  2. admin admin

    Sorry to hear about that, Pam 🙁 The topic of stuttering can often be uncomfortable to bring up but well worth it.

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