Episode 32


I interview Ezra Butler today who gives us his tips on networking, conversation starters and using stuttering to your advantage. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter !

0:00 Ezra Butler introduces the episode
0:05 my new intro!
0:57 introducing my interview with Ezra Butler and the topic of networking
2:26 my interview with Ezra begins with his background info, his networking events and how he lives in no timezone
5:17 benefits of networking
6:00 tips for networking around the world from Ezra’s trip to China
7:54 what does Ezra do for work?
11:40 online social media (online networking) is just like networking offline
13:00 Ezra’s stuttering history and how he got into networking (along with tips)
18:01 being authentic and learning from messing up
20:05 using your stutter as an excuse
23:44 you’re starting with a clean slate when you first meet someone
conversation tips
factors contributing Ezra’s stutter to subside
31:30 use your stutter to your advantage
38:37 round up
39:49 Stuttering is cool in Hebrew

Links mentioned:
Ezra’s Posterous

Music played:
No Pants Friday by Lee Rosevere
Fraud 015 by Mr. Suitcase