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Stuttering is my super power

Franky Banky dressed up like a Canadian version of Captain AmericaEpisode #180: Stuttering is my super power. Yeah, I know, what a strange thing to say but hear me out.

On this episode, I share how growing up stuttering, dealing with it, facing my speaking fears head-on built up an inner strength in myself as well as other qualities that make me think about the stuff that the typical comic book superheroes are made of. Particularly, Bat Man.

How cool is that? We’re like Bat Man!

In other words, suffering and dealing with adversity builds character. Without it, I don’t think we would be very interesting people. Share your thoughts in the comments below. What good qualities has stuttering brought you?

I also talk about the graphic novel I’m currently working on and the live streamed sneak preview I broadcasted on Periscope. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments on the video, comments below, or by email. The video is available on YouTube which you can see below.

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