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Stuttering in the military



Today I speak with @hthrb2 on our way to her first ever stuttering meet up. Along with sharing her thoughts with us before and after the meet up, Heather also tells us what’s it like be a stutterer in the military. She also gives her advice for any fellow stutterers out there why may be skeptical that they can enter the military due to their stuttering.

And between all this is a new story sent in by a new listener about stuttering on his name. I’ll be adding that to my mini-documentary.

Music used today is Carioca by Neurowaxx.

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  1. Pam Pam

    Great episode, as usual. It was nice hearing from Heather, and her story. Nicely open about her stuttering experience. Nice touch with the driving, Danny. Sound was good!

  2. lisa webster lisa webster

    Danni this was indeed a ‘Cool’ episode .
    Thanks Heather,dont think i’d ever have made it in the military ,if they had shouted at me i would have just cried!!!!!and thanks for making up my mind to go to a support group even if it means travelling a way ,i’ll also prepare myself for being worn out after all the talking lol
    Thanks again !!!!!

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