Episode #131: We take a trip around the world in this episode! But first, my friend and Stutter Social teammate, Sam Dunsiger, opens the show in an Italian restaurant here in Toronto. Sam shares a story about bumping into an old friend and for the first time being able to openly talk about his stuttering. Then we travel to India where I speak with JP Sunda who shares his experience co-organizing the India’s first stammering conference. Then we hop over to Australia to chat with previous Stuttering is Cool guest, Grant Meredith, who shares his experiences at, well, a recent stuttering conference in Australia! And a bit of stuttering research Down Under that’s making practical uses outside of stuttering.

Links mentioned on this episode:
My interview in The Globe and Mail and on CBC Radio.
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Did you know that Shaquille O’Neal stutters?

Music used on today’s episode:
Symmetrical Tree by Binary Pulse
Ebullience by Podington Bear