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Stuttering conferences in India and Australia

Episode #131: We take a trip around the world in this episode! But first, my friend and Stutter Social teammate, Sam Dunsiger, opens the show in an Italian restaurant here in Toronto. Sam shares a story about bumping into an old friend and for the first time being able to openly talk about his stuttering. Then we travel to India where I speak with JP Sunda who shares his experience co-organizing the India’s first stammering conference. Then we hop over to Australia to chat with previous Stuttering is Cool guest, Grant Meredith, who shares his experiences at, well, a recent stuttering conference in Australia! And a bit of stuttering research Down Under that’s making practical uses outside of stuttering.

Links mentioned on this episode:
My interview in The Globe and Mail and on CBC Radio.
Stutter Social
Stuttering is Cool Pinterest board!
Stuttering is Cool Tumblr site!

Did you know that Shaquille O’Neal stutters?

Music used on today’s episode:
Symmetrical Tree by Binary Pulse
Ebullience by Podington Bear

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  1. I saw your comment on today’s Stuff Christians Like. I think about that a lot how I’m God’s matrespiece even though I have ADD, OCD, and Anxiety Disorder. So much is hard for me it’s taken me five years to graduate, no extra majors or minors, just a normal program. And this morning it took me three hours to take a test. (But then, that was also because I hadn’t prepared for it very well.) 🙂 And the OCD makes it very hard for me to resist picking at my skin, so I have scabs and scars all over my face, which of course makes me even more self-conscious than I already am. And the anxiety disorder I have to take a lot of precautions to make sure I don’t get freaked out. I take medicine for all these, too.Basically, I guess what I’m trying to say is I feel so different, in a bad way, and then God allowed me to have these disorders, and yet I am his matrespiece. It’s humbling to think about. Thanks for giving me a chance to think about it, though!Here is a skit you might enjoy, about being God’s original matrespiece.

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