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Stuttering conferences are awesome

Episode #116: The NSA after-party episode. Man, do I miss all my friends from the NSA conference! Good thing we live in a social media world so we can still keep in touch. And record for my podcast! On this show, some of my new and old friends share their reflections on an epically awesome event.

Of course, after returning from almost a week in sheer awesomeness, we begin to long for our friends and stuttering oasis. We hear from Nina GAman Kumar, David Resnick, Jody Fuller, The Finstads and a particular hat-wearing photographer.

And an epically HUGE thank you to all conference organizers and hotel staff. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Music used on this episode:
100127 by Hyqo remixes Arrogalla
Beatboxing on today’s show by David Resnick (thanks David!)

Links mentioned on this episode:
The Catharsis of Communicative Diversity article by Aman Kumar
Stuttering sketch comedy films

NSA Conference 2011 Fort Worth Conference video. I tear up every time I watch this.

More touching conference reflections by Nina G:

David Resnick’s presentation last year at DorkBot SoCal. It has nothing to do with stuttering but he explains stuttering at the beginning of his presentation. Very cool!

The stuttering sketch comedy film I participated in:

Watch more Stuttering sketch comedy films. They’re hilarious! Well done, peeps!

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  2. Kate Kate

    Hi Daniele I just wanted to tell you I listen to your podcast in Nottingham england. And it’s fab! It makes me laugh and cheers me up, keep up the good work… It sounds like you had a top times, we say here at the confrence.
    And you’re right you do spell colour with an U!

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