Holy Cats I Can’t Believe This is Episode 100!


On this day in 2007*, I posted the first episode of Stuttering is Cool. I didn’t think my podcast idea would last 4 episodes. And here today is episode 100! To celebrate this spiffy number, I’ve asked you to share your thoughts on stuttering’s affect on things like self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and self-image. And how it also drives us to overcome it all and live awesomely. And I received over an hour’s worth of fantastic stories. Thank you! My show would be nothing without you, my listeners.

List of stories and wisdom:

5:59 – People can learn to be confident by Hiten Vyas of stutteringhub.com

14:37 – Stuttering in college by Sarah Bryant

16:32 – Self-esteem in the social and intellectual world by Tom Weidig of The Stuttering Brain

19:19 – Toastmasters speech by Rebecca

24:17 – Speech as a fundamental aspect of life by Robert R. Best

28:15 – Social punishment and stuttering as a secret weapon by David Freidman

32:44 – Body language and feedback by Carolina Ayala

35:08 – Quality friends and stages in life by Carlo Silipo

37:22 – Disclosing during a first date by Rob, a.k.a. Box of Clocks

39:10 – Control over stuttering by Jaan Pill

40:12 – Support systems and the NSA by Tamara Williams

41:59 – Holding yourself back by Brendan O’Carroll

44:24 – “The Look” and maintaining eye contact by Dan Hudock

46:55 – Making new friends and acquaintances by Krishna

50:13 – Fear of stuttering and limiting yourself  by Pam Mertz, Make Room For The Stuttering

54:27 – Stuttering is a positive thing by Prolific Elvis

57:28 – Buying bus fare by Stephen Paterson

1:00:31 – Comfort Zones by Grant Meredith

1:04:12 – Being an effective communicator despite stuttering by Greg Snyder, stuttering.me

Music used in this episode:

CCmixter.org by Code

Beat 1 by Pradio

Stuttering Blues by The Insomniacs. iTunes link.

Another Another Day by Teru

Upright bass noodling throughout this episode by cool cat Jean Finstad who plays in a number of bands in the Washington DC area.

December 1 update: I received some awesome audio after I posted the above and I just had to post it for you asap! The first is from Glenn Schmelzle of Marketing What’s New. Glenn doesn’t stutter but shares with us his gratitude for having learned so much from listening to all the different perspectives on this episode. The second piece of audio comes from fellow stutterer and Special Olympic athlete, Daniel Smrokowski, of the Special Chronicles podcast. Daniel shares his thoughts on stuttering’s affect on self-confidence.

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*Arg! I miscalculated. It was November 25th. Darn it. Not the 27th.